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Do you suffer with unexplained symptoms such as headaches, sleep problems and dizziness following exposure to electromagnetic fields? You could be suffering from this condition.

What are the symptoms?

Here are some of the most common symptoms associated with electro-sensitivity.


Symptons commonly experienced can include:

  • Immune dysfunction: colds, flu and increasing ill health
  • Psychological problems: Inability to concentrate, increased anxiety, depression, agression, irritability, anguis, apathy, insomnia and memory loss
  • Increased instance of epileptic seizures
  • Dizziness, vertigo, disorientation, breathlessness
  • Loss of appetite, nausea
  • High blood pressure, haemorrhage, nosebleeds
  • Eye problems: damage to cornea, early need for glasses, dry/itchy eyes
  • Skin problems: Eczema, dry, red, blotchy skin, dermatitis
  • Joint pains: unexplained wrist, arm, shoulder and back pain
  • Hearing a buzzing, high pitch vibration, other hearing difficulties
  • Burning sensation and sweating
  • Tingling in the fingers, shaking, nervous system agitation

As you can see from this list 'symptons of electromagnetic stress vary considerably'. Some people merely experience a feeling of lethargy, lack of concentration and fatigue, particulrly when using the computer. Others have much more severe reactions to this form of pollution and studies have even linked Electromagnetic fields to childhood leukaemia.

Anyone can react to electromagnetic fields and it is becoming more and more common for people to do so.

The cumulative effect of exposure on people is likely to handicap our immune systems and decrease our health, let alone contribute to forgetfulness and more serious concerns.

Some people can becaom seriously ill and unable even to stay in the house when a washing machine is on, or be near an iron or other field producing appliance.

It'll be good when the industry starts to recognise these problems and take a precautionary approach and when all doctors and people in society are informed about this as a potential health hazard and potential causative factor for many common symptons. and have a good deal of useful info.