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Do you suffer with unexplained symptoms such as headaches, sleep problems and dizziness following exposure to electromagnetic fields? You could be suffering from this condition.

Smart Meters

Last week, a smart meter forum was held in Glendale, California (Southern California) featuring EMF expert Cindy Sage; Mindy Spratt from  TURN (The Utility Reform Network), privacy expert Orlean Koehle, California Chapter President of the Eagle Forum, (, and representatives from the electrical power industry. The utilities are holding a conference in the Los Angeles area next week in response. Read this LA Weekly article about the 11/10 conference, view the 12 minute video interview linked to in this article, featuring concerned citizens who report on an Eagle Forum conference on smart meters, also last week, about smart meters  and make comments to add your views to the ongoing debates about whether smart meters cause health problems and violate our constitutional rights to privacy.

Elizabeth Kelley, MHA
Co-Coordinator, Arizonans for Safer Utility Infrastructure 
Director, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.

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