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Do you suffer with unexplained symptoms such as headaches, sleep problems and dizziness following exposure to electromagnetic fields? You could be suffering from this condition.

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Electrosensitivity recognized as a handicap in Essone (France)

The Essone Departmental home of disabled persons ( MDPH ) granted financial assistance in late January to an electrohypersensitive (EHS) person, a first in France, according to the EHS group Collectif des électrosensibles de France.

Living in the south of Essonne, Jerome, 32, had to stop working in 2011 due to EHS contracted to work [1]. He blames a device he used daily as a technician in a public research laboratory in chemistry.

While the status of occupational disease was denied despite the opinion of a medical expert, and he is currently challenging this decision in court, Jerome has had more success with the MDPH of Essonne, which depends on the Department's general council.

Pioneer in the field, this Department included EHS in its 2013-2018 health plan, reconizing it de facto as a handicap, says Sophie Pelletier, co-chair of the Collectif des électrosensibles de France, contacted by the Journal de l'Environnement.

If the MDPH Essonne has already granted several people with EHS the status of disabled worker, its decision in late January to grant Jerome financial assistance seems a first in France , at least to Sophie Pelletier's knowledge.

Assistance to adapt his home

Jerome said in an interview that the aid was granted him to adapt his home and to protect himself personally : he was able to buy grounding equipment [2], a voice recognition system allowing it to stay away from his computer, an anti-radiofrequency (RF) canopy for his bed, anti-RF fabric to cover himself when he travels in the city, as well as measuring equipment, namely antennas for his RF meter.

Discreet on the amount of aid he received, Jerome says it allows him to cover about 75 % of the cost of hisequipment. It includes a one-time assistance for the most expensive equipment and a monthly support for what he needs to renew, in particular the anti-RF fabric which he uses to cover his clothes and his head. All were allocated for a period of three years.

"What brought us to this recognition is the fact that this issue was supported by very credible testimony of the medical profession, leaving no doubt about the reality of the disease," equivalent to an 80 % handicap rate, according to MDPH director Olivier Desmazeaud. He adds this is so far the only application for financial assistance that his organization has treated for the benefit of a person with EHS.

On sick leave since 2011, Jerome hopes to undertake training to find a job he could accomplish from his home.

[1] Not his real name.
[2] To evacuate electrical charges to the ground.

Protect Your Family From EMF Pollution

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A mother's shares her daughter's miracle EHS story

Hi my name is Monica Lee and I am excited to share our story with you today. I have two amazing daughters and a wonderful husband. Alyssa is 14 and Morgan is 11. My youngest is the topic of our conversation today.

In order to appreciate Morgan’s journey, I want to begin with a short synopsis of Morgan’s complex medical background.

When Morgan was 3 months old she was admitted to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and tachycardia. Her heart was three times the size it should have been and was beating twice as fast. The doctors told us that if she survived Morgan would need a heart transplant. Morgan defied the odds - her cardiologist said he wished he could've taken credit for it but he felt like it was divine intervention - not only did she survive but she survived without the heart transplant. Additionally, she has Aphasia, Apraxia, Developmental Delay, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Visual Disorders, Scoliosis, Lordosis, and Epilepsy to name a few. During her hospital stay she had a series of three strokes which also left her with a diagnosis of Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. We were told that there was so much widespread damage to her brain during the strokes that she wouldn't be able to do anything and we shouldn't have any expectations otherwise. She has 25 active medical disorders which impact her every day.

After hearing the words “she won’t survive” and “ don’t expect much” we were determined to find doctors that would help despite her grave condition. After 7 weeks, she left the hospital and we had to teach her to eat again. We were told they needed to put a tube in stomach surgically to feed her and we said no. After 2 ½ years there isn’t anything she can’t eat on her own. Along the way, we've had help from some amazing doctors and therapists that have helped get her to the point where she is today. Like us, they were willing to try different treatments and therapies. She's our miracle and has made so much progress. Morgan has a team of doctors in Cincinnati, some at the Cleveland Clinic, doctors in St Louis and one truly gifted orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Nuzzo. We travel to wherever we need to travel if we feel that that's the most appropriate care for Morgan.

Many years after the original insult to Morgan’s brain she began having seizures. We were told this was expected based on all the scarring in her brain. She began having a lot of daytime seizures and then the nighttime seizures began. The doctors had a really hard time trying to pinpoint what the issues were so we went through several anti-seizure medications and although they helped none seem to really totally address the issue. A neurologist in St Louis finally diagnosed her with an additional seizure disorder called ESES. He said the only way to treat this type of seizure disorder was with an extremely high dose of Valium. Little did my husband and I know that our little girl who normally is happy and cheerful and has a wonderful disposition soon would turn into somebody who was mean, belligerent, and lethargic. We had to take her off of the valium and began discussions of other anti-seizure medications to try. Possible side affects, like going blind, made me cry. I didn’t want to start another medication with such terrible side effects.

During all the time Morgan was having these seizures, I couldn’t help but think that medicine masked the problem but I wanted to know what was causing it and hearing “it’s all due to the scarring in her brain” was not good enough for me. I recall asking one of her doctors “why can’t neurologists think outside of the box like you.” He said you need to understand how they were schooled and trained – neurologists who treat epilepsy are the box. They are very specialized - trained how to diagnose seizures, evaluate which part of the brain they are originating from, and how to prescribe medications and/ or surgery to stop or lessen seizures - not necessarily how to find what is causing them – root cause analysis doesn’t really apply. I thought about that and have never forgotten those words. They fueled me to dig deeper myself.

After describing these seizures to a beloved friend in Chicago, she said she had just seen a presentation by a woman named Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale ( She was presenting the effects of electromagnetic frequency radiation and its impact on people. She talked about Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity EHS in people. My friend said you are not going to believe this but she lives in Wilmington, not far from your home. I didn’t waste any time contacting her and asking her to evaluate Morgan and our home. Sure enough Morgan has EHS and absorbs all those frequencies. After she mitigated our house, the amount and duration of seizures began to subside. One day when Morgan was laying in my lap and I was rocking her she looked up at me and said “mom I'm going to have a seizure” and I said, “ where do you feel it” and she said “right here” and she pointed above her left eye. I had an idea to put the flat battery directly above her left eye and we waited a few minutes. Morgan looked at me and I looked at her and she said “that's good my seizure stopped, it’s good mom.” I didn’t waste any time calling Dr. A with the news. I knew we would keep trying it to see if it had the same affect. What we found is that if Morgan puts the flat battery above her eye when she feels the seizure coming on we can stop it from ever starting. If it starts, the flat battery lessens the duration and intensity.

I was so ecstatic that there was an opportunity to explore something further that didn't involve medication or changes in her personality. Yes, I cried.

When I told her neurologists locally they were not impressed. They said does it have research behind it? If not, then we are not interested. When we discussed the ICD-9 codes for EHS they weren’t familiar with them and again interest was low in exploring these avenues for Morgan. Her neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic was interested in the technology and urged Dr. A to pursue research opportunities. So back to Dr. A I went and said “help me figure it out.” Dr. A will have to establish a protocol and do research until she's able to find other doctors that want to do the research with her. By the way, with additional changes in frequencies by Dr. A, all Morgan’s daytime and nighttime seizures have stopped. She still has one sometimes upon waking (a transitional seizure) but we haven’t given up trying to resolve that last type of seizure. The wonderful thing about Dr. A’s technology, it can be modified based on your needs. She has never given up on helping Morgan and thanks to her and the technology she developed Morgan has made so many strides educationally, socially, and physically. Before the flat battery, it was very hard to understand Morgan. Now she speaks more clearly and can speak sentences not just words. Education was a constant struggle and now she has started to read and do math problems (adding and subtracting). Her walking with a walker improved and her strength overall has increased. She does not need naps anymore.

Our next setback came when we found out that Morgan’s scoliosis had progressed dramatically in less than a year. It went from 20 degrees to 73 degrees. It wasn’t just curved it was also twisted and was dangerously close to her right lung. Severe scolisis like this is fatal. Once again, we found ourselves seeking opinions. Several doctors said wait until it gets worse and then we’ll do the surgery to put rods in (the typical scoliosis surgery). If you’ve learned anything about me it is that I do not wait to watch my daughter get worse – I am proactive! It just wasn't acceptable to me, I just can't be the person who watches my child get worse before somebody tries to do something to help so we contacted her orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Nuzzo. He is a wonderful gifted surgeon who had reconstructed Morgan’s left hip in 2006 using an innovative procedure he developed. After looking at the x-rays and ordering a MRI he responded back that she was in trouble and it is life threatening. Something needed to be done soon so we talked about another alternative surgery that he developed for severe scoliosis. Although doctors in a New York hospital he is affiliated with approved the surgery, the hospital lawyers stopped it because they felt the risk was too high and she would not survive. However, that did not stop Dr. Nuzzo from caring or searching for another solution to prolong her life. He finally called me and said he wanted to do a procedure he had done on some other patients with severe scoliosis but he was not sure it would work with Morgan since her curve was also twisted. He said if nothing else it would buy us time while he came up with another solution. That is why we love this surgeon so much – he embodies the meaning of perseverance and innovation!

Morgan had her surgery on July 30, 2013. He said she did well but her curve was worse than the x-rays and MRI indicated so he was not sure of the long-term outcome. He then requested that we work with an orthotist in Indianapolis to do some specialized bracing per his instructions. He believed gravity would favor Morgan so he asked that the left side of her brace be cut out so that she would fall purposefully to the left while being held straight elsewhere. The brace helped her breathing, she was happier, and her oxygen levels increased.

In the meantime, I asked Dr. A about putting a flat battery on her back. She said she felt like that would be too much for Morgan but said to put one under the sheets to help with her back. She said she did not know if it would do anything but knew it would not hurt to try. We also did some light therapy with the battery on her back before she went to sleep a couple times a week.

In late October 2013 we had x-rays done to check her progress. The results were Miraculous! Her curve had gone from 80+ degrees to 10! Dr. Nuzzo said he had some good results with past patients but not this amount of change in such a short period. He said, “God must have had the other surgery cancelled because he knew I could do better!” We can’t thank him enough for saving our daughter’s life. We can’t say enough about his abilities and his compassion – he is simply AMAZING!

Did Dr. A’s technology help Morgan’s scoliosis with such a remarkable outcome. I don’t know – the surgeon certainly didn’t have those results with anyone else. It is certainly worth exploring. Bottom line, our lives have forever changed with Dr. A’s technology. Research is needed, but in the meantime the results speak for themselves.

Google Glass Alert: Potential health risks from wireless radiation

The Google Glass emits more wireless radiation than most cell phones on the market, but unlike cell phone users, Glass users may be wearing this device on their heads for more than 12 hours a day putting their health at risk.

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